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Service Terms and Conditions per Country

TAP Courier USA Air Waybill Terms and Conditions


On the Air Waybill, "we", "our", and "us" refer to TAP Courier, its subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors, employees, agents and sub-contractors. "You" and "your" refer to the consignor, sender, its employees, agents and anyone claiming an interest in the shipment, including any consignee. "Package" or "Packages" means any container or envelope that is accepted by us for delivery. "Shipment" or "Shipments" means all packages which are tendered to and accepted by us on a single Air Waybill.

Agreement To Terms:

By giving us shipments, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of this non-negotiable Air Waybill. No one is authorized to change these Terms and Conditions. You agree that your shipment may be carried through intermediate stopping places including a country other than the country of departure. Air Waybill Completion and Packaging Obligations: You are responsible for accurately completing this Air Waybill and warrant that each article in the shipment is properly marked, addressed, and packaged for transportation. All shipments are subject to weight verification by us, and you accept all weight changes without notification. Additionally, all charges are based on volumetric standards; thus, when the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight, the dimensional weight is used to determine the charges. You warrant that each package tendered for shipment is accurately described on this Air Waybill.

Limitation of Liability:

In consideration of the transportation charges for the movement of any shipment, it is agreed that the liability of TAP Courier shall be limited, in any event, to the lower sum of U.S. $100.00 or the actual value of the documents or shipment, unless you declare a higher value on this Air Waybill and additional insurance coverage is arranged and paid for in advance. Actual value shall be determined at the time and place TAP Courier accepted the shipment and shall exclude any special value to the shipper or any other person. The actual value of documents shall be the cost of replacing or reconstructing the documents. The actual value of packages shall be the lower of the cost of repairing or replacing the contents or the resale or fair market value of the parcel. The Warsaw Convention may further limit our liability.

Liabilities Not Assumed:

We will make every reasonable effort to deliver your shipment according to our regular delivery schedules; however, TAP Courier is not liable for delays in delivery, damages of any kind (whether direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential) including but not limited to loss of income, loss of interest, loss of business opportunity, loss of use of contents, breach of other contracts, or any loss or damage arising from the inherent nature of the goods, whether or not we had knowledge that such damage might be incurred, even if the delay is our fault in picking up the shipment, transporting the shipment, or delivering the shipment. TAP Courier will not be liable for your acts or omissions, including but not limited to incorrect declaration or goods, improper or insufficient packaging or marking or addressing of the shipment, or for acts or omissions by the consignor or consignee or anyone else with an interest in the shipment. Also, TAP Courier will not be liable if you or the consignee violate any of the terms of our agreement. TAP Courier will not be liable for loss of or damage to the shipments of cash, currency, security instruments, or other prohibited items. TAP Courier does not accept for shipment cash, currency or other security instruments, perishables, precious metals or precious stones. TAP Courier will not be liable for electrical or magnetic damage to, or erasure of electronic or photographic images or recordings. Also, TAP Courier will not be held liable for loss of a shipment, damage to a shipment or delay caused by any events we cannot control, including but not limited to acts of God, "force majeure", the acts of another carrier or third party with whom we contract, or the action or omissions by any governmental or public authority (including but not limited to customs, health officials or postal administrations), or omission by anyone outside TAP Courier. TAP Courier reserves the right, without admitting liability, to refund transportation charges at its sole discretion, but is not obligated to do so.

No Warranties:

We make no warranties, express or implied.

TAP Courier Portugal Air Waybill Terms and Conditions

Before making your purchases, check if the products you want are allowed to import into Portugal transported as International Express Delivery

  1. Import Requirements

    1. Documents required for customs clearance
      1. Commercial invoice/Proforma invoice or equivalent document stating who is the seller and buyer
      2. The above document must mention in a separate item the value of the transport from origin to destination
      3. Document proving payment of the transaction

    2. Calculations
      1. Calculation for the payment of customs duties in accordance with the Customs Code of the Union (C.A.U.)
      2. Basis of taxation - Each commodity is assigned a tariff heading and each tariff heading is assigned an import tax (import duties)
      3. Import duties are calculated on the basis of (value of goods + value of air freight + value of insurance (optional) ) * the import tax.
      4. Calculation of the value of VAT is calculated on the basis of (value of goods + value of air freight + value of insurance (optional) + the value resulting from the import rate) * the VAT rate in force.

  2. Products with Restrictions

    1. Animal Goods, Ivory, CITES/or Certificate of Origin required.
    2. Cosmetics, When the shipment is intended for a private individual, it is not subject to any control by INFARMED. In the case of shipments destined to companies, if the goods are samples (in reduced quantity), no authorization from any government agency (INFARMEDI) is required either. If the import does not fall under any of the above cases, the import is subject to authorization by the INFARMED, to be provided by the importer. Translated with (free version)
    3. Medicines, If the importer is a private individual, the import is prohibited. The import of medicines in the case of a company is only authorised if the importer is an authorised laboratory. In this case, the marketing authorisation of the medicinal product (MA) is required for the import.
    4. Blood Samples, The import of blood samples does not require authorization from INFARMED, if they are intended for laboratory tests. Otherwise, INFARMED's authorization is required and must be requested and provided by the importer.
    5. Foodstuffs, phytosanitary certificate of origin. In the case of "sweets" the composition of the product will be necessary.
    6. Plants, goods of plant origin, phytosanitary certificate of origin and destination is required.
    7. Textile articles, Export licence required for Asia/Pacific/South America regions, or alternatively Customs relief (Art.91 - destruction of samples).
    8. Tobacco, Can only be imported if approved in Portugal. Approval must be obtained in order to allow importation.
    9. Laser Pointers, If the importer is a private individual and if the number of pointers is less than 2, the importer will have to make a declaration to be responsible for the use of the articles and other legal document that DHL provides. If the importer is a company, he must obtain an authorization from INETI (delays are expected of at least one week...). In both cases this type of product must be duly itemized on the invoice, including what the class of laser is. Translated with (free version)
    10. Online Shopping, The Circular of 1 June 2008 determines that an invoice must be presented in the case of purchases on the Internet (EBay, Amazon, etc...). The proof of payment (Paypal®, western Union®, Etc...) may not be sufficient to clear the shipment.
    11. Precious and semi-precious metals, To enable the import of this type of product, the importer will have to request authorization (bulletin of contrast) to the Mint. This authorization has to be requested personally and in Lisbon. Significant delays are expected in this type of process, regardless of the quantity to be imported.
    12. Triangular sales
    13. "A" sells to "B" but the recipient is "C". It is always necessary the invoice of the importer's purchase (Portuguese), which accurately reflects the existing commercial transaction. If the importer did not purchase the material through a purchase, the company that made the purchase will have to make a statement justifying the non-existence of a commercial transaction.
    14. Electrical/Electronic Equipment

  3. Exclusions of goods

    1. Animal goods
    2. Cosmetics
    3. Medicines
    4. Blood Samples
    5. Foodstuffs
    6. Tobacco
    7. Laser Pointers
    8. Precious and semi-precious metals
    9. Plants, goods of plant origin

TAP Courier Brazil Air Waybill Terms and Conditions

Before making your purchases, check if the products you want are allowed to import into Brazil transported as International Express Delivery

  1. Restrictions by weight, value and size of orders

    1. Maximum dimensions : 100 x 80 x 75 cm
    2. Maximum weight : 30 Kilos
    3. The maximum amount Import of purchases per order (1 package) is US$ 3,000.00
    4. The maximum amount Export of purchases per order (1 package) is US$ 1,000.00

  2. Forbidden Products

    1. Live Animals.
    2. Antiques and porcelain.
    3. Articles or products of plants or animals protected under CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).
    4. Tickets and lottery materials.
    5. Cash, cheques, currency, negotiable instruments (shares, bonds, cash, bills and other negotiable instruments equivalent to cash).
    6. Gambling devices.
    7. Shipments prohibited by any law, statute or regulation.
    8. Knives, penknives, sharp objects.
    9. Bills of exchange.
    10. Non-prescription medicines
    11. Dangerous Goods (single batteries, pressurized packaging, flammable liquids, etc.).
    12. Pornography.
    13. Hazardous waste.
    14. Human remains (including ashes).
    15. Collectible stamps.
    16. Tobacco.
    17. Alcoholic drinks.
    18. Perfumes.
    19. Food supplements restricted by ANVISA.
    20. Firearms, ammunition, parts of firearms, simulacrum of weapons, toy guns.

  3. You can review more restrictions in the following links