TAP Courier Privacy, Security and Data Protection Policy

Please understand how TAP Air E-Comm collects and handles your personal data by informing yourself about our privacy, security and data protection policies, which also include all necessary information about our cookie policy.

Privacy, Security and Data Protection Policy: Why?. TAP E-Comm is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and users of the various websites and applications that it makes available and owned by the various Group Companies. In this context, it has prepared this Privacy, Security and Data Protection Policy in order to affirm its commitment and respect for the rules of privacy and personal data protection. Thus, and when in this Privacy Policy we refer to TAP, we are referring to Transportes Aéreos Portugueses, S.A., as well as to each of the Companies that make up the TAP Group and its subsidiaries. We want our Customers and users to know the general rules of privacy and data treatment that we collect and treat in strict respect and compliance with Portuguese Legislation, namely the Law of Personal Data Protection (Law nº 67/98, of 26 October 1998). TAP E-Comm seeks to respect the best practices in the area of security and protection of personal data, promoting actions and improving systems in order to safeguard the protection of the data made available to us by our customers and users. The use and browsing of our websites, applications, products and digital services, the completion of our forms and the provision of data directly or indirectly, imply knowledge and acceptance of the conditions of this privacy and security policy, the General Terms, Policies and Conditions of Use and other terms, policies and conditions specific to the services subscribed. When subscribing to our services, please read the respective terms and conditions carefully. By providing your personal data, you consent to the collection, processing, use and disclosure of such data in accordance with the rules set forth herein.

Privacy, Security and Data Protection Policy: What does it cover?. This policy applies exclusively to the collection, processing, use and disclosure of personal or navigational data made by TAP Group Companies within their digital presence or through their Contact Center.

What is personal data?. Personal data refers to any information collected by us or provided by the Client or user regardless of the means by which this process is carried out, including sound and image, relating to a natural person and allowing their identification. Personal data refers to any information relating to an individual identified or identifiable through them, the identification of which may occur directly or indirectly, including an identification number, name, date of birth, telephone, e-mail, address or other elements. All personal information that TAP E-Comm may collect during the Customer's or user's visit to websites or applications is carried out with the prior consent of the Customer or user through acceptance of these terms and policies; all data is processed in accordance with Portuguese law. The data protection policies in question are in line with the guidelines by which TAP E-Comm is governed, always with the maximum commitment to respect the privacy of the Client and user.

What kind of personal data is collected?. TAP E-Comm collects and treats personal data necessary to provide services and/or subscribe to functionalities, products, services or communication, treating in that context data such as: name, personal or fiscal identification document, e-mail, address and telephone number. TAP E-Comm also collects traffic and location data with the prior consent of the Customer or user without prejudice to compliance with legal regulations.

Who is the data controller?. The entity responsible for collecting and processing personal data is TAP E-Comm or any other TAP Group Company providing the service and which in the appropriate context decides - albeit always in strict compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act - which data are to be collected, the means of processing such data, the format and the purpose for which they are used. TAP E-Comm may collect your data by telephone, in writing or through its websites and applications, with your consent. As a rule, personal data is collected when the Customer subscribes to one of our products or services, or when making a reservation, request or contact through our websites, applications or our Contact Center. Some personal data are mandatory and in case of lack or insufficiency of such data, TAP E-Comm will not be able to provide the product or service in question. In these cases, the Customer or user will be duly informed of the obligation of these data to continue the process. The personal data collected are processed on computer and in strict compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act and are stored in specific databases and created for this purpose.

For what purposes is the personal data used?. The personal data provided or collected are generally used in the management of the contractual relationship, in the provision of contracted, subscribed or reserved services, for the study, improvement and adaptation of the services to the Client's needs and interests. They are also used for information and marketing actions, campaigns, promotions, advertising, statistical studies and to speed up the reservation processes of our Clients. The Customer may, however, make their personal data available for other purposes, namely for the purpose of sending complaints and suggestions, dissemination of TAP Group institutional information, participation in hobbies, carrying out market studies, evaluation surveys, etc.

How long is the personal data stored?. The period of time for which data are stored and conserved varies according to the purpose for which the information is used. There are, however, legal requirements that require data to be kept for a certain period of time. Thus, and where there is no specific legal requirement, data will be stored and retained for the period necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or provided, or for the period of time authorized by the National Data Protection Commission.

What are the conditions for accessing, updating or deleting personal data?. Under the Personal Data Protection Act, the holder of the data is guaranteed the right to access, update, correct or delete them, something you can do at any time by contacting TAP E-Comm at support@tapcourier.eu

Security measures adopted by TAP E-Comm. Various security measures have been adopted, with TAP E-Comm taking care to ensure the protection and security of personal data provided to it through the implementation of the best technical and procedural practices, as well as ensuring the duty of compliance to all those who legally access them. TAP E-Comm intends with these measures to ensure that, within its scope, the conditions are implemented to protect the personal data in its custody against any form of unlawful processing. In this sense, in all our websites and applications, the forms of personal data collection require encrypted browser sessions, and all personal data you provide us are stored securely in the systems of TAP E-Comm, on which are implemented the best practices of technical and procedural security, aiming to protect your personal data. Notwithstanding the security measures adopted by TAP E-Comm, we warn all our Customers and users that when accessing the Internet, they should adopt additional security measures, namely through the use of an updated computer and browser, as well as the safeguard of the use of shared computers and access to their personal Customer accounts - not sharing with third parties their access data.

Under what circumstances is data communicated to other entities?. TAP E-Comm uses other entities to provide certain services. Eventually, this provision of services may imply access by these entities to personal data of their Customers and/or users. Thus, any entity subcontracted by TAP E-Comm will treat the personal data of our customers and / or users on behalf of TAP E-Comm, in the strict obligation to take the necessary measures to ensure their protection against destruction, accidental or unlawful, accidental loss, alteration, dissemination, unauthorized access and against any other form of unlawful treatment. TAP E-Comm seeks to ensure that the contracting of these entities is carried out using the highest guarantees in terms of security and reputation. The data of the Client or user may have to be preserved and communicated for the use of the competent authorities, if TAP E-Comm is notified by these entities to provide them, always in strict compliance with Portuguese Law.